Shikara Ride

Now I have a story
To tell all of you,
Of a boat and a ride
That we took.
You may not believe
What I say is all true
Cause it sounds like
It comes from a book.

Jon Hiemstra's the man
Who has built this fine boat
It is all made by hand
Out of wood.
You look at this craft
And you think will this float ?
For you do'nt really know
If it could.

But this boat's so sweet
And the ride was a dream,
Over ripple and wave
We did glide.
The sun through the clouds
On the water did gleam
And lily pads right
By our side.

Jon makes this boat go
With a paddle or two,
And for hours we
Journeyed around,
You just can't imagine
Where all we went through,
Pleasant sights everywhere
Did abound.

Thanks Jon ! It was a wonderful experience !

Stephanie, Willows, California, USA